We  are often asked to create a  prom corsage & boutonniere that 
    matches the dress color exactly.. not a shade lighter or darker
    and absolutely no other colors except the color of the dress. 
    Although this request seems like a reasonable & safe choice, it's not the best choice.
    Especially when your dress is Turquoise or it's lighter shade Aqua, or some other 
    hard to match color of the rainbow.
    To find the BEST choice for your prom flowers,
     you need to remember what you learned in Art class about color.
    Remember the Color Wheel?? 
     Colors look their best when they are in harmony with other colors, 
    or different values or shades of the same color. 
    Monochromatic color scheme (different shades of the same color) 

    I found this fantastic color wheel calculator from the great people at 

    Sessions College   

    To use it, click on the link
    Start the process by selecting the color of your dress
     (I used Aqua ) then choose a Harmony..
    Here is a complimentary color scheme....
    and here's a similar example with peachy/pink flowers and mint/sea-foam green ribbons.. 
    Play around with the different options on the calculator- you'll see there are
     SO MANY other great color schemes besides 'matchy-matchy'!
    You don't want your corsage and dress to clash- and we don't either. 
    We, as professional florists know a little bit about color and can recomend 
    color schemes to compliment your dress.
    We work with color everyday!