Administrative Professional’s Day Card Messages

1.  Here’s to you for all you do! Happy Secretary’s Day. For running a tight ship with
     grace and gentility. Wishing you a happy Secretary’s Day.
2.  Couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for all that you do.
     Happy Administrative Professional’s Day.
3.  Secretary. Administrative Professional. Assistant. No matter what title you have,
     you are foremost my friend. Wishing you a happy Secretary’s Day.
4.  You brighten up the room with your smile. Thanks for being more uplifting than
     my morning coffee. Happy Secretary’s Day.
5.  Your smiling face is the best thing about walking into the office every morning.
     Thank you for being the source of my smiles each morning.
     Happy Administrative Professionals Day.
6.  With meekness and temperance you rule the roost around here.
     Thanks for keeping us in line! Happy Secretary’s Day.
7.  For the many things you do during the day that are too often unappreciated.
     This is just one of the many gifts that you deserve for all of your hard work.
     Hope it brings a smile to your face. Happy Secretary’s Day!
8.  Hope this brings a smile to your face! Happy Administrative Professional’s Day!