Thinking of You

Say a simple hello or tell a loved one how much you miss them.  Just make sure you let them know they’re on your mind.

1.  Thoughts of you always make me smile. 
2.  The miles between us are nothing, because you’re always in my heart.
3.  Out of sight, out of mind?  Not a chance!
4.  We may be far apart, but you’re always in my thoughts.
5.  If wishing could make it so, you’d be here with me now.
6.  The echo of your laughter brightens my day, but still, I miss you!
7.  Although the miles between us keep us apart, there is not distance
     between our hearts.
8.  Just because you haven’t heard from me lately doesn’t mean you haven’t been
     in my thoughts.  I miss you.
9.  When you’re not with me I just can’t get it together, I miss you so much!
10. “Wish you were here” just doesn’t express how much I miss you.
11. I’ve been thinking about you so much that I feel like we’re together again.
12. Just thinking of you can make me smile and feel happy. 
     Thanks for being there for me even when we can’t be together.
13. Just the thought of you makes me feel closer to home.
14. I wish I could reach out and hug you!
15. If absence makes the heart grow fonder, you must be my fondest friend! 
      Please keep in touch.
16. Hold our memories in your heart and you’ll never feel alone.
17. I wish you were here so that when I say ”Remember when….,” 
      I could actually see your smile and hear your laugh.
18. I just want to reach out and tell you how much I miss you.