Congratulations Card Messages

Success may be the easiest of all occasions to respond to.  Imagine your fondest dream has come true.  Now write what you’d like to hear.

1.  It’s true—Good things do happen to great people!
2.  Celebrating success!  Celebrating YOU!  Congratulations.
3.  You are proof that dreams and possibilities are endless when you believe in yourself.
4.  Bells!  Whistles!  Fireworks!  Well done!
5.  Enjoy the love, laughter  and limelight that is yours today.
6.  Envisioning a dream is easy.  Following one in not!  Congratulations.
7.  Thank you for letting me share your joy!  Happiness shared is delight doubled.
8.  I’m overjoyed!  It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.
9.  Three cheers from me to you on your triumphant day!
10. I’m so happy for  you.  You deserve the best.
11. No one deserves success more than you do.  Congratulations!
12. Whatever you’ve been doing, deep doing it!
13. Lucky you!  I’m so happy for you.
14. Isn’t it great when everything comes up roses?
15. I hope this is just the first of many good things to come!
16. Congratulations.  Your joy has brightened my life too!
17.  Your good news makes my heart sing.  Congratulations!
18. You did it!  I rejoice with you in your triumph.
19. I’m delighted about your news!  You truly deserve this success.
20. A round of applause for a job will done!
21. May the happiness you’re feeling today go on and on and on!